Did you know conventional stoneware and porcelain crockery contains lead that contaminates your food and can cause potentially fatal health problems?

Not only does it impede children’s brain development but also limits the blood’s capability to transport oxygen across the body.

Lead eventually finds its way to the bone where it hinders production of blood cells and calcium absorption (both are extremely important for strong and healthy bones)

“Unlike other crockery manufactures, moderne assures you Lead-Free Glaze Professional Alumina Porcelain (FDA Approved) products that are not only high in quality but also devoid of any harmful contaminants. So dine in style with the peace of mind that your food is safe for consumption.”

Type of Firing
Lead-FreeFood Safe for Consumption
Alumina Porcelain
1350High TemperatureYesYes
Normal Porcelain,
On-Glazed Decorated
1200 - 1300Mid TemperatureNoNo
Colour Porcelain
Below 1000Low TemperatureNoNo